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Facebook Ads.

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Cost Control

Constant monitoring and micro adjustments

Viral Ads

Creatives aligns with the latest viral trends


Optimize targeting to only reach users in your target market

Our Values

Why choose Wishare Digital?


  • Creative Post
  • Slideshow Creative
  • Short Video Production

Deliveries & Optimizations

  • Audience Research
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Micro-Targeting
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring and Optimizations
  • Targeting Optimizations
  • Cost Control


Define Advertising Channels & Content Creation Strategies

Facebook provides Feed and Story ad delivery channels. At Wishare, we take comprehensive considerations of the client’s service/product and combined with data analysis to create the most effective content for each of the channels.

Video Production

Customized Video Production Solution

A variety of flexible production solutions, adapting to different production budgets, solving various problems from personnel, venues, and props equipment.

Video Post Production

Creative Editing meets Brand Awareness

Our Commitment

Wishare is here to help you grow.

Wishare Digital uses the digital advertising tool Wi-Data to accurately analyze the effectiveness of potential consumer groups and develop unique delivery strategies for each campaign.

Target Audiences

Through communications with the client and combined with Wi-Data’s ever-expanding behavior data collections, Wishare Media helps clients to create a report that details the client’s potential target audiences’ age, gender, interests, and potential consumption locations.

Deliveries &

Ad Creatives delivery strategies change
based on real time data feed backs
to maximize the impact of creative to target audiences.

Real-Time data
Monitoring &

Using A/B split testings, Wi-Data continuously monitors performances of the current campaign and its test variations. Data generated are continuously tracked, collected, and analyzed for further segmentation and optimizations.

Our Clients