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Our Values

Why choose Wishare Digital?


  • Showcasing Brand, Products, and Services
  • User Experience Optimizations
  • Landing page optimizations
  • Custom Development
  • SEO Readiness
  • Website Speed & Security


  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Landing Page Optimizations
  • Ad Quality Score Optimizations
  • Multi-Dimensional Targeting
  • Cost Control

Audience Research

Establish close working relationship with the client to fully understand client's core offerings.
Through in-depth research, create correlations between brand/product/service advantages and potential audience profiles to establish campaign optimization baselines.

Smart Budget and Goal

Using data analyzed from in-depth keyword and competitor researches to formula launch budget and goals.
Based on keyword volume, competitiveness, industry average cost, and Wi-Data cost projections.

Competitor Research

Each industry has its own dynamics and competitiveness. A full understanding of the landscape before jumping in to actions is critical to success.
We perform in-depth researches on direct/in-direct competitors of the client to learn what works and avoid mistakes.

Our Commitment

Wishare is here to help you grow.

Wishare Digital uses the digital advertising tool Wi-Data to accurately analyze the effectiveness of potential consumer groups and develop unique delivery strategies for each campaign.

Ad Quality Score Optimization

Annoyed by an Ad that says one thing and the landing page says another? So are the users.
Confused by Ads with strange languages that looks like generated by a computer? So are the users.
Wishare optimizes Ad copies and landing pages to create a coordinated strategy and maximize Ad Quality Score.

Real-Time Monitoring &

Campaigns and landing pages are monitored in real-time to identify data fluctuations and patterns.
Wishare uses fluctuation signals and patterns to make critical and fast optimization decisions.

Optimization Life Cycle Loop

Our proprietary Wi-Data platform collects, sorts, and analyze data in real-time. Data analyzed are directly fed back into the optimization life cycle.

Our Clients